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It was more expensive than I had originally calculated. I worked on a research project, got pilot data, and a year later received funding for a PhD program. Three years later I received my doctorate from Imperial College with decent papers. When I received some 'informal' advice on how to enter cardiology after this achievement, do you guess what one of the leading interviewers told me? "Go and find a post without training!" At least he's honest. And did I think of seeking his advice? No. I did not tell him this but did not come to negotiate. I focused entirely on the person profile for special entry criteria (here are the latest criteria). By the time I got to my third interview, I was ticking every box on a PhD, publications and exam criteria. When they showed me an ECG with pre-excitement: I told them the location of the diagnostic and sub-route, plot for sudden death in WPW, management plan and advice. The rest is now history. The journey full of failures has already become a destination.

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