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Ukrainian. Father-Jaroslaw, Mother-Paulina. Only sib-Oksana. Oksana was bon in Ukraine in 1942. I was born in Karlsfeld, Germany in 1945. Entire Husar family were refugees at end of WWII, gathered in refugee camp in Mittenwald, Germany run by the US Army. Sponsored to America by reletive living in Jersey City, NJ. Entire family came to America on SS Maria Saint, docking in NY on March 29, 1949. Lived in Jersey City from 1949-1955. Mother Paulina, died in 1955. Moved to Metuchen, NJ. Both sister Oksana and I graduated from Metuchen HS, NJ. Sister, Oksana Husar stayed in Metuchen, got married to Peter Bokalo. Devorced, now living in Edison, NJ. I graduated from Rider University in 1967. Father, Jaroslaw Husar died in 1976. I taught high school in Lawrence Twp, NJ in 1967-68. Got draft notice in 1968. Entered Army in July, 1968. Commissioned as officer in US Army in July 1969 from Engineer Officer Candicade School, Ft. Belvoir, VA. Got married in August 1969. Vietnam veteran. Fathered 6 children. Devorced in 1992. Remarried in 1994 to Barbara Covey. Retired from Army in 1999. Wife, Babara, of Polish ancestry, and I now live in Pinehurst, NC.

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